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          Environmental protection

          Environmental protection and innovation

          All activities of human being, from daily life to factory productions, consume energy and discharge pollution. What we can do is how to decrease affection to the environment, at least to conform laws and regulations of environment protection, and final goal is to eliminate pollution.

          Waste water treatment
          Equipped with sufficient capacity waste water treatment plant and rainwater collection system within our factory. We treat all water with strict specifications, after that discharge it to chemical zone public waste water plant for further treatment.

          Waste gas
          The waste gas absorption system has been installed at the beginning of factory built. All waste gas goes thru the system and most of them is absorbed, the remnant discharged out to the air is measured and meet the requirement of laws and regulations of environment protection.

          Solid waste
          We outsource solid waste treatment to the service provider of the Chemical zone, they burn it or dump it to landfill according to special environment requirements.

          With above waste treatment system, our production has completely conform the law and regulations of environment protection, as well to be certified by ISO 14001.

          But we want to do more......

          Innovative technology and equipment innovation management innovation

          • Innovation

            Although, we have all waste treatment system to help us meet government requirements. But it could be better if we can reduce waste discharged and consumed less energy that would decrease affection to environment. To reach such goal, we must be innovative and conduct unstopped technical exploration to improve our technology.
          • Innovation of process and equipment

            Our R&D division is running as a sub company independently to develop and improve our production process.
            Decrease energy consuming and lower production costs through improving process.
            Reduce side products to decrease waste treatment costs through improving process and equipment.
            Increase production yield and lower unit cost through innovation.
          • Innovation of management

            We have been certified by ISO9002 for more than a decade and implemented ERP system for years, we continuously and innovatively improve our management; a well-fitted management system and policy have been well developed.

            High efficient, simple, cooperative and happy working everyday