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          Social responsibility

          We commit

          To be honest and ethical in all our dealings.
          To provide efficient, economic and effective products and services in an impartial manner.
          To refuse to elicit, accept or pay any bribes, and to report those who do.
          To negotiate all contracts with the utmost integrity.
          To pay taxes, and to pay all creditors on time.
          To pay reasonable salaries and wages.
          To provide health and safe working environment.

          Labour standard

          There is no child labour employed in our factory, and no discriminations in employment against gender, place of origin of employee and others factors, every employee is treated fairly and under protection of labour law and regulations, it applies to our overtime control as well.


          Providing a health and safe working environment is always our primary work, especial as a factory, we pay very special attention on it.

          • Business integrity

            Business integrity

            Implementation the policy to control business risk, bribery, and interest conflict during daily operation to protect the interest of the company and enforce the growth of the organization. There is no intellectual property issue or patent infringed on our all products.

          • Environment protection

            Environment protection

            We improve our equpments and production process in order to save energy and eliminate waste generated to meet requirements from customers and environment protection law and regulations.